Welcome to the Weekly Wisdom blog! This will be a space to share information, dialogue on issues that matter to the disability community, and celebrate disability identity.

Each Friday I will update the blog with a new post. Sometimes I’ll share a personal story, some disability humor, or an educational piece on disability-related research. Other times I’ll share a link to another disability insider’s blog, to highlight different perspectives and experiences.

I welcome guest posts from people with disabilities, their families, and disability researchers.

Contact Me if you’d like to have a featured post on my blog!

I welcome spirited discussion and debate in the comments on any blog post. I believe strongly in the value of honoring all opinions on issues. The one exception is that any name-calling comments or personal attacks will be removed. Thoughtful criticism of ideas is appreciated; criticism of other people’s characters, not so much.

Do you have a burning question about life with a disability? Got an idea for a future blog post topic?

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