You Ask, I Answer: What’s the deaf experience like? [Repost]

“In writing this, what did strike me  was not the nitty-gritty of daily accommodation or the nature of my own deaf experience; it was simply self sufficiency, an awareness of what I need. I think this is a very normal experience for anyone who has a disability – we live in a world that is currently built for people other than us. To function and live our lives in this world. we must develop rather astonishing degrees of awareness about our selves and our spaces.”

This week on the Weekly Wisdom blog, I want to share another great post from one of my favorite bloggers, Meriah Nichols. Meriah wrote this post to answer some questions from a blind person about D/deafness in everyday life. From accessible alarms for D/deaf people, to learning how D/deaf people order food in restaurants and know when their babies are crying, she gives us a glimpse into the diversity of alternative techniques allowing D/deaf people to participate in all facets of life.

You Ask, I Answer: What’s the deaf experience like?

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