11 Ways You Treat Adults With Disabilities Like Children Without Even Knowing It [Repost]

“Imagine sitting at a restaurant with your friends, and the waiter comes and asks your friends for your order, leaving you sitting there looking silly, when you wanted to order for yourself. It’s kind of like that.”

“Would you want to sit down and play with toys for an hour when you really, really didn’t want to? No? Then don’t do the same to others.”

“If you start walking on eggshells, or alternatively, applauding every little step when you are around someone with disabilities, it’s going to come off as patronising. Just act normal and be yourself – that’s what they are doing anyway.”

“You decide what you want to do in your life – how about extending the same right to your fellow human beings?”

This week, I thought I’d leave you with this simple but informative article. Chances are, all of us have either unintentionally done one of these 11 things, or had one of them done to us. Let’s all be more mindful of how we treat one another.

11 Ways You Treat Adults with Disabilities Like Children Without Even Knowing It

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