Deaf, Hearing Theater Professionals Collaborate in Musical ‘Stepchild’ [Repost]

“Although ASL and Deaf characters have become increasingly common in theatre, TV and film, it is rare for Deaf talent to be fully included in the development of shows outside of Deaf-run theatre companies. Kori Rushton, Producing Artistic Director at IRT, set out to change that by having a Deaf and hearing person collaborate on each major aspect of the production. Deaf and hearing directors worked together to ensure the production was accessible and engaging for audiences of all abilities, while the Director of Artistic Sign Language sought to convey the power of the lyrics and rhythm of the music in sign and movement.”

Here’s an article about a new inclusive musical theater production. The plot is loosely based on that of Cinderella, but features a deaf protagonist discovering the freedom of sign language, and fighting against oppression. Read what the producers, directors, and actors in this show have discovered about inclusion through this unique project.

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Deaf, Hearing Theater Professionals Collaborate in Musical ‘Stepchild’

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