Allism is on the Rise. Are Seatbelts to Blame? [Repost]

*All the satire.*

“Skeptics call them anti-clikkers, but more and more parents have done their research and are raising their concerns – Seat belts, they say, caused their children’s allism.”

“Allism, a neurological disorder characterized by excessive eye contact, lack of stimming, lack of passionate interests, and an unusual level of anxiety regarding conforming to social norms, is on the rise.”

“Whenever I meet someone who is related to someone who lives without autism,” said Karen, “I ask them if their loved one was put in a car seat as a baby.  They all say yes.  Every.  Single.  One.”

“Anti-Clikkers caution parents to do their research and considering leaving car seat restraints loose so as not to put pressure on the baby’s acupressure points which might trigger pathological extroversion.”

This is a humorous article that highlights two serious issues. First, the idea that autistic people are broken is turned on its head through the perspective of autism as normal, and “allism” as the aberration. Second, highlighted is the common logical fallacy that pins the blame for disabilities on factors ever-present in the modern environment: whether we are talking about vaccines, gluten, “toxins” or in this case, seatbelts.

Allism is on the Rise. Are Seatbelts to Blame?

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