A Podcast on Disability Rights, Leadership, and the ADA [Repost]

“And I never learned about the ADA, and I never learned about the disability rights movement. I only learned and got involved—until my senior year in college, when I had a blind professor, and he really kind of helped me, and kind of introduced me to the disability rights world. But, that’s ridiculous. Like, I—you know, it’s ridiculous that you have to be college-educated to learn about this information and it’s, you know—as a disability rights movement, as people that are a part of, kind of, creating change, I feel like that’s a big failure that we have done.”

Check out this bonus episode of the Disability Visibility Podcast and an interview with my friend and colleague, Conchita Hernandez Legorreta! Maria (Conchita) Hernandez Legorreta was born in Mexico and grew up in California. She advocates for the rights of blind children and their parents in the public-school setting in the United States and abroad through a lens of intersectionality focusing on social justice. Conchita received her Bachelor’s degree from Saint Mary’s College of California, majoring in International Studies, Spanish, and History. She then went on to Louisiana Tech University where she received her Master’s in Teaching with a focus on teaching blind students. As well, Conchita earned a master’s certificate in working with Deaf-Blind students from Northern Illinois University. She is currently a Doctoral student at George Washington University pursuing a degree in Special Education. On this podcast, Conchita talks about disability rights, leadership, and intersectionality.

Click here for the podcast and transcript

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